Advanced Transformer Infrastructure (ATI) is a required foundational element of Grid Modernization. The following resources support this important reality.



Spearheading a new era of accurate, data-driven grid management Aug 30, 2023

Distribution Grid Pressures:  Electrification, Wildfire Mitigation, Reliability, Aged Assets, Transformer Shortages, DER Voltage Fluctuations, Forward & Reverse Energy Overload on Transformers, EV Charging Stations, etc. All of these realities, and others are simultaneously unfolding throughout our distribution grids. Utility operators NEED enhanced intra-grid visibility, and empirical understandings of these unfolding grid-edge conditions.


Transformer Shortages & Escalating Transformer Costs - Let’s Solve This Problem! Sep 28, 2022

Utility operators are experiencing an unprecedented, developing distribution transformer shortage coupled with substantially escalating new transformer costs. Unfortunately, there is no present trend correction in sight. Yes, critical assets availability is now in jeopardy.


Wildfires: Stopping This Recurring Nightmare Jun 17, 2021

Worst case scenarios are occurring in perennial fashion. Whether you do, or do not subscribe to the concept of climate change, there is no denying that hotter, dryer conditions are fueling increased wildfire events, and oftentimes catastrophic damages.


WILDFIRES = Annual Devastation...Financial Burden...Public Safety Threat Apr 16, 2021

Utility operators, political leaders, government officials, first responders, and the public at-large can ALL agree -- perennial wildfires are a serious threat. The risk of community devastation is real.


GRID20/20 Recognized: Top 10 Asset Management Solution Provider – 2021 Mar 29, 2021

Fire Mitigation and Public Safety Defense Solution



GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY announced by GRID20/20. A first-ever, “Always-On” outdoor monitoring and auto alerts solution to address Fire Mitigation and Public Safety needs.


From Lemons Comes Lemonade May 4, 2020

Advanced Transformer Infrastructure is a solution that uses highly accurate self-contained fast and easily installed sensors.


COVID-19 Spawns Remote Electricity Grid Monitoring Mar 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an immediate need for remote, perpetual electricity grid monitoring[...]


GRID20/20 Recognized: Top 10 Smart Grid Solution Provider – 2019 Nov 21, 2019

Advanced Transformer Infrastructure™ Delivers Proactive Grid Management Support to New Demands


Advanced Transformer Infrastructure (ATI)™ Released by GRID20/20, Inc. Jul 16, 2019

GRID20/20 announced today the release of its pioneering offering designed to facilitate Grid Modernization.

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