Fire Mitigation and Public Safety Defense Solution

GRID20/20 has developed its versatile GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY solution to directly assist utility operators and First Responders. Early Detection, Auto Alerts, Prevention, and Situational Awareness benefits are now attained by this fast-to-install solution. By enhancing its Advanced Transformer Infrastructure (ATI) offering with added Outdoor Smoke, Fire, and related conditions detection capability, GRID20/20 now postures operators to successfully address the overwhelming market demands and regulatory mandates being placed upon them. GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY presents a huge advantage for operators by proactively revealing unknown intra-grid problems, providing emerging asset failure recognition, and availing detailed intra-grid visibility. Facilitating a proactive understanding of the endless array of unplanned, ongoing grid-edge impacts that burden distribution assets. This series of benefits results in critical fire/wildfire Prevention Data being delivered to operators. GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY simultaneously presents operators and First Responders with critical information to improve public safety protections during grid and non-grid induced events.

Decades ago, when most transformer fleets were deployed, operators were unable to foresee today’s rapidly-changing, substantial grid-edge load impacts (e.g., EV charging stations, DER/ Reverse Energy, etc.). Nor could they anticipate today’s notable climate change impacts. Now, an aging grid infrastructure combined with unplanned grid-edge activity, climate change, and insufficient intra-grid awareness presents a myriad of problems for all stakeholders. Recent wildfire catastrophes have validated this reality.

Today’s utility leadership is severely saddled with a difficult situation. Fire and wildfire mitigation is now paramount. However, operators are simultaneously required to improve grid reliability, increase clean energy adoption, decrease GHG emissions, and safely absorb limitless grid-edge impacts that routinely extend beyond their awareness (until a trouble call or costly outage results).

That’s why technology innovations are now required; to provide critical intra-grid data, protect operators from liability risk, protect the public at-large from needless catastrophic events, protect the environment, and facilitate a series of Clean Energy/Climate Change/Grid-Edge initiatives.

Enter GRID20/20.

Delivering Community-wide Grid Asset Guardian Solutions

GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY provides an “Always-On” outdoor overhead monitoring and auto alerts protection solution by leveraging existing transformer fleets. Sensor networks create a unique combination of unparalleled intra-grid data access for Asset Failure Prevention while simultaneously providing community-wide Early Detection, Auto Alerts, and ongoing Situational Awareness; whenever grid and/or non-grid induced fires, wildfires, and public safety events unfold.

By cost-effectively enabling operators to address critical Reliability, Fire Mitigation, Public Safety, and Environmental value propositions, GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY presents a game-changing Asset Management Solution. In turn, operators will further enhance their community-centric commitment and value, while also reducing liability risk. “We are presently on course to build our clean energy/climate change solutions on an increasingly inefficient, aging, less- reliable foundation... aka, the aged distribution grid. But, technology innovations such as GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY are now available to resolve this problem,” says Alan Snook, President, GRID20/20. “GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY aligns with a myriad of challenges and expectations now facing our electric operators, local and state authorities, government officials, first responders, the public at-large, and our environment.”

GRID20/20 operates via the “Golden Rule,” as Snook informs, “we strive to treat our customers, suppliers, and our team with respect, honesty, integrity, and responsiveness at all times. This culture fuels our team’s actions and thought processes.” Aligning with this vision, GRID20/20 anticipates delivering a series of advancements and product evolutions to the market. Enhancements to GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY will be publicly announced in 2021. Related product offerings will emerge in 2022 and beyond as GRID20/20 further pursues its mission to make a significant difference in the lives of people, our aging grids, and the environment; throughout North America and around the globe.

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