Serious Wildfire & Liability Risk

Undeniably, recent years have painfully demonstrated that Wildfire Risk, and Utility Liability concerns are real.

As the US notably experienced in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, grid asset failures and non-grid induced events can lead to devastating wildfires, billions of dollars in damage, personal injury, loss of life, enormous Greenhouse Gas emissions, and a wake of post-event destruction and rebuilding costs.

Sadly, the November 2018 Paradise California event accentuated previously unimagined risks and liabilities associated with wildfire impacts; including tremendous human suffering, community devastation, significant legal costs, government intervention, and bankruptcy of a leading US utility.

In 2020, US wildfires spewed an estimated 302.4 Million Tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions. That level of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is equivalent to approximately 21.4% of the entire US auto fleet; or nearly 59 Million vehicles. In 2021, an estimated 209.4 Million Tons of GHG emissions were released by wildfires. Each year, the wildfire GHG emissions are substantial.

Clearly, electricity operators require new technologies and funding support to ensure safe and reliable service, while also protecting their local communities and the surrounding environment.

GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY helps to remedy these problems.

Gridwide Fire-SPY

Outages & Wildfires are Increasing

Whether grid asset failure induced, weather induced (e.g., PSPS, lightning strikes, etc), or manmade (e.g., arson, accidental, etc), electricity service interruptions, fires, and related impacts are on the rise. Clearly, we need a solution now.


GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY presents a first-ever “Always-On” outdoor monitoring solution. By leveraging existing overhead distribution transformers, versatile intra-grid sensors are rapidly installed, forming a comprehensive network. The result is an overarching community-wide monitoring canopy that uniquely affords:

  • Early Detection of Fires
  • Automated Alerts
  • Prevention Capabilities
  • Situational Awareness
  • Downed Conductor Detection
  • Outage Notifications
  • GHG Emissions Reduction
  • Public Safety Protection
  • Reduced Liability Risk
  • First Responder Safety Protection
  • Reduced Fire Suppression Costs
  • Decreased Environmental Damage

GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY uniquely addresses both Grid and Non-Grid related wildfire and public safety event issues. By monitoring intra-grid assets and conditions, operators gain a proactive view of potential problems. By presenting an “Always-On” sensor capability, GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY also affords Early Detection and Auto Alerts for Grid-induced events, AND for Non-Grid events caused by lightning strikes, arson, unattended fires, etc.

By deploying an aggregation of intra-grid sensors specifically designed for detecting downed conductors, asset fires, wildfires, smoke, ground surface temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, etc., the GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY solution creates a community-wide public protection system, helping to Early Detect emerging problems, providing Automated Alerts to authorities, AND supporting fire/wildfire Prevention.

Additionally, GRIDWIDE FIRE-SPY uniquely provides valuable Situational Awareness data from within and around the event(s) scene. Thereby improving the ability of authorities to safely and effectively manage the unfolding public safety event.

Clear Vision into your Grid